Tim Boulton

Grief is the normal and natural response to loss of any kind.

It is not a problem to be solved, to be overcome. It isn’t a sign of emotional weakness, an illness to be fixed or cured.

Grief is not what is wrong with us… but rather, what is right with us. Grief is a natural extension of love. Our tears are a testament to our longing, our connectedness.

As we talk through your story, unique and individual to you, we will validate and normalize your thoughts and feelings, moving gently through and beyond your suffering and isolation. We will move to release the pain of unrealized hopes and dreams, connect and realign with your now in health and recovery, and begin to image the possibilities of your next.

Becoming a widower at age 41, the father of three young children, I have walked the path of deep, penetrating, life altering grief, through recovery, healing and new life.